Friday, December 5, 2008

More Christmas Knitting

Here are a couple dishcloths and scrubbers I did for Christmas gifts. The cloth to the left is called Widowpane and the one on the right is Alex's cloth and the pot scrubbers
are done with cotton yarn on one side and nylon Needleloft on the other side.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Ready For Christmas

Mittens and Stockings

Trying to get some miniature knitted decorations done to put on my tree this year. I also found a pattern for a crocheted tree skirt that I would like to get done. It is called 7 Hour Tree Skirt and got it out of my Crochet World magazine.

I sure have been having fun dressing up my teddy bears too!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Bath Set

I made this bath set with a spider soap sack and a web washcloth. My little grandson Braden snatched it up real quick, but I did manage to get a picture of it.
Here are some spider web gloves I made for my grand-daughter Mackenzie. She was a witch and wanted these to wear with her costume. I found this pattern on Ravelry.

Some Candy Corn Knitting

Well I did some candy corn coasters and a dishcloth to match. They were very easy and so much fun!

Then I found this cute little candy corn hat for my niece's 2 month old baby. I hope to get a picture of Easton wearing it
Now on to my other Spider knitting. LOL

Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Knitting & Crocheting

Here are the crochet Halloween projects so far: Spider Scrubbie & Spider Dishcloth

Ok now some knitting projects;The Ghost & Witches Hat are from

And here's a couple Halloween colored Ballband Dishcloths
And heeeeeeeeeres Frankie!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's been over a month since my trip with my best friend Debbie. We went to Old Fort NC all by ourselves and it was an 8 hr drive including our stop at Cracker Barrel of course. Debbie did all the driving and I was so proud of her, but she did say a bad word a couple of times. LOL

We went to the workshops at Pisgah Yarns in Old Fort. The Peaches & Creme yarn was so awesome and the colors were so intense! The workshops were held at Crooked Creek Firehouse and everything was so great. We had the best time and are already planning for next years workshops. So here's some photos at the workshop and no I'm not in any of them.
The ladies on each end are from Operation Toasty- Toes (Back row-Left to right) Maile- Knitting classes (Designer), Cindy - Loom Weaving teacher, Flo -Hostess with mostest(Princess Peaches of Pisgah), Brian -crochet classes(Designer)

Here's a few of the ladies in one of Maile's knitting classes on Tues. They were on a lunch break or another cake break. We had two birthday cakes for Gerry's(Brian's brother) birthday trying to make him older than he already is. SSHH I'm not telling his age, but he doesn't look it.
Here's Flo cutting the cake from Monday! It was so yummy and so was the purple one from Tues.
Here's my friend Debbie and Brian. She will probably kill me for putting this on here for the whole world to see! Oh well what are friends for, and especially when you have been for over 40 years..

Friday, September 5, 2008

AUGUST Came & Went!

Wow!! Where did August go? I usually try to post at least once a month and shame on me, no post in August. Well I have been knitting lots of things and have finished quite a few too. Of course I've started more projects than I've finished. My list of things to do is getting longer too. Well I better get busy putting some posts together on this here blog, before you all get bored and don't come back. LOL Ok here goes!
First of all I want to put a picture of the beautiful scarf I'm doing.

I started this scarf in Old Fort, NC at the first knitting ,crocheting and weaving workshops by Pisgah Yarns. It was amazing and so much fun! I met lots of people that I have been chatting with on Ravelry and it was so cool!!I will post some more photos and more info at a later date. This scarf was designed by
Maile Mauch and one of many she has designed. You can get them at Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Company. The Cable one I'm doing is done in Rayon Super Petalspun and it is so soft!! I love the the color which is Teak. I will put a progress bar up so you kept track of it and make sure I'm not slacking.
Here's the Reptile set from the Crochet class with Brian.
I did the turtle while in NC and did the cloth and back-scrubber when I got home. Gave it to my grandson Braden and he loves it

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Contest Winning

The other contest I won was in my yahoo group Shirleys Knitting Knook. It is a fun and friendly group with lots of great KALs and wonderful people! I just want to thank Shirley, Mel, Amy-lynne for such a great group and lots of fun. I should add Shirley's daughter Chantal too, because she has just started posting the daily rows for some of our KALS. They all do a great job!! Oh yea I won a prize for the Circle of Friendship Caddy I knitted in our June Mid Month KAL!! It was great fun and I plan on making more for Christmas gifts. I loved the cables in it and was good practice, because I'm kind of awkward doing cables. This was designed by Shirley and was wonderful to do. Here's my caddy.

And here's my winnings!! What a great package!!

Cover your eyes Flo and Maile!!!

Speaking of Contest!!

Well since I'm speaking of contests I have won 2 just last month and haven't had time to post about them. Ok, I haven't made time to post!The first contest was on Ravelry in the Peaches-Creme group I'm in. We have lots of fun there and it's not totally about Peaches&Creme yarn, but mostly it is. Most people think cotton is just for dishcloths and this group shows that it is not just for dishcloths! The contest was to see how many projects you could do in the month of June. I won with a total of 100 projects! So that was a lot gifts I got finished. Unfortunately I can't post all the pictures, but they are in my projects on Ravelry. I can post the pictures of my wonderful prize package of my favorite yarn!!Peaches&Cream I also recieved the title of Princess Knitsalot!

What a prize this was and I was so thrilled with their generosity. There is an assortment of all the Pisgah yarn products which isn't just Peaches& Creme. I will be posting some of the projects I do with this wonderful yarn!!

Knitting Give Away

I just wanted to post about a contest on Domestic Miss's blog. She has finished knitting a beautiful silk lace scarf and celebrating by having a knitting give away. You will have to go check it out for the details and see what the wonderful prize is! Ok here's the link! So go check it out because it ends July 31st UK time!! Here's a photo of here beautiful scarf!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On The Ballband Wagon

Well I have been knitting for as long as I can remember and have never done a ballband dishcloth. Once I did that first one, well I just couldn't stop. Here a few of my first ones, and they make great gifts! The BB scrubbers are great too! I found the scrubbie patterns on Ravelry (My second home). These are great for travel knitting, because after the first one you don't need a pattern. I did most of these at the beach on the Lake where we camp. You can find the pattern here for dishcloth. The BB scrubbie here. and the tribble here

Monday, July 7, 2008


I received this award from Shirley and I have to pass it to 5 other peoples blogs. That is going to be hard to decide, but I will post it at a later date. Thank you to Shirley, who has a wonderful yahoo group. You can find the link to Shirley's Knitting Knook in the right column on my blog. It is a really fun group so check it out!


Well I really have neglected my blog, but I have been finishing lots of UFOs. So I will try to get them on my blog in the next few days along with a few other exciting things.

This is my fishy bath set that is finally finished. Love the double-worsted from Peaches & Creme!! The rug and back-scrubber and the yellow ombre cloth are done in the Dbl. worsted. These were the Oopsie Daisie bath set available at Peaches&Cream and linked through the progress bar here on my blog. I love making the little fish and experimenting with them. Here 's the link if anyone wants to give it a try.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


My hubby was nice enough to help with making my yarntainers. I couldn't hammer the rivets in hard enough and I'm not very good with a drill. I didn't want to damage my knitting hands. LOL I decided to do these because I knit outside a lot in the summer and take my knitting camping of course. There was no way I was going to pay $10 for one (Heck that's a cone & 2 skeins of Peaches & Creme) and I only have $8 in all 3 of these. The rivets cost almost $5, and I have plenty more to make some more yarntainers.
As for my yarn bras they cost a whole $1 for 2 bath puffs. I saw these on someone else's blog, but can't remember it. When you cut the string in the middle you get a long tube of netting. I measured mine and it was 7 feet long. That's quite a few yarn bras. Just thought everyone would like ideas for saving money for more yarn!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Yellow Rose

This is my only rose bush at the moment. I have never tried growing roses, but I transplanted my mom's after she passed away. This is the only one that survived and was my mom's favorite. She had some beautiful roses and I had hoped the other 2 I transplanted would survive.

What's In My Garden

Well here are a few of the fun things in my front garden. There are 4 baby bunnies in the back of my tiger lilies. And the eggs are a mama finch's' in an evergreen bush. Wish I had a better picture of the hummingbird. I'm sure I will have more at a later time. I love my flowers too, but the little animals are fun to watch.