Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Contest Winning

The other contest I won was in my yahoo group Shirleys Knitting Knook. It is a fun and friendly group with lots of great KALs and wonderful people! I just want to thank Shirley, Mel, Amy-lynne for such a great group and lots of fun. I should add Shirley's daughter Chantal too, because she has just started posting the daily rows for some of our KALS. They all do a great job!! Oh yea I won a prize for the Circle of Friendship Caddy I knitted in our June Mid Month KAL!! It was great fun and I plan on making more for Christmas gifts. I loved the cables in it and was good practice, because I'm kind of awkward doing cables. This was designed by Shirley and was wonderful to do. Here's my caddy.

And here's my winnings!! What a great package!!

Cover your eyes Flo and Maile!!!

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Quiltgrany said...

I am a member of Shirley's also and love that group. I love your blog and will look again soon.
Deborah in GA