Monday, March 4, 2013

Have found a great site for earning gift cards InstaGC. I use it to get Amazon cash but you can earn points to cash in for many other stores like Walmart, Best Buy and can even just have then issue a check. It consist of many ways to earn points..Surveys, videos, downloads & other ways. I have earned $178.00 since Dec 28 2012 and bought me a Kindle from Amazon with the cash I earned.. I also use the Amazon cash to buy my doggies flea meds..So I get free flea meds :) TRY it out and I get some credit. Just click the Insta link above in post. Oh and will be posting some baby hats I just finished & 2 baby blankets I'm working on.

Friday, February 8, 2013

WOW! I have been very very bad. I haven't posted to my Blog in a year!! I must say I miss it but I have had a busy life this past year. I do continue my knitting & crocheting, but have been doing a lot more sewing. I have even recently started an Etsy store. It is doing OK but hope it picks up now that I have more time to make some more fun things. So far I have tea wallets, phone pocket charging stations, coin purses, and Ruffled purses. Here is one of the Ruffled purses that I sold. They are fun to make and have had a lot of compliments. They are lined in cotton fabric & have pockets on the inside & outside with a zipper closure. The back of this one has a pocket with velcro closure.
This bottom photo is the fabric I am doing my next purse in.