Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ST. Patricks Day Projects

These are the St. Paddys Day cloths I gave as gifts. I forgot to add the the rest of the tribbles though. Oh Well! I'm sure I'll be doing more, because evertime I give a cloth away they ask where their scrubbie is. LOL

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ready For Spring!!!

Well these were taken on Monday when it almost got up to 70degrees. So my Crocus's are ready for spring too!! I can't wait for the tulips. So maybe I will find some bright and cheery flower dishcloths to knit.

Just when I get my hopes up we get get the worst blizzard since 1978. What a bummer that was! We got 5 inches Friday and another 11 inches Friday night and Sat. We were under a blizzard warning till 4pm Sat. and on a level 3 snow emergency where I live.

These were taken Friday 4 days later and you can't even see my poor fairy. Yuk!

These were Saturday afternoon and it was hard to tell how much we really got because of the snow drifts. In the back of the house there were 3 foot snow drifts.

You can't even tell where the road is,and they don't plow to often out here.That is my DH leaving and we are on a level 3, only emergency vehicles are supposed to be on the road. Of all things he's go to go look at a boat for sale! LOL. I guess it was an emergency and he was afraid someone else would buy it! Well he must be wishing for Spring too!

Sewing & Knitting

I have finally been able to do some sewing. We keep the door closed to our upstairs and thats where my sewing room is. If it gets in the 40's it's not bad up there if I open the door in the morning. And not to bad on our heat bill. I have been making these really cute covers with pockets for 5 quart buckets. The teachers at my SIL school love them for organizing supplies for there clasrooms. I have made several for baby shower gifts and then put baby supplies in the pockets. I love to sew and always doing some type of projects.

As for knitting I have several projects going as usual. My dishcloth KAL's as always and several baby things for upcoming baby showers. With the cold and snowy weather, knitting is the perfect thing to keep me busy. I really liked doing these cute baby bibs in Bernat Chunky yarn. The little blue hat and mittens is in Caron's Simply Soft Baby.

These are some of the things I done in the cottontots yarn. I love knitting with this yarn that is so soft and great for baby cloths. I have yellow cloth to finish and then I need to get busy on my St Paddy's day projects. I only have 1 week left. Wow!! Then Easter is the week after. Well I will be very busy for the next few weeks!!