Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Speaking of Contest!!

Well since I'm speaking of contests I have won 2 just last month and haven't had time to post about them. Ok, I haven't made time to post!The first contest was on Ravelry in the Peaches-Creme group I'm in. We have lots of fun there and it's not totally about Peaches&Creme yarn, but mostly it is. Most people think cotton is just for dishcloths and this group shows that it is not just for dishcloths! The contest was to see how many projects you could do in the month of June. I won with a total of 100 projects! So that was a lot gifts I got finished. Unfortunately I can't post all the pictures, but they are in my projects on Ravelry. I can post the pictures of my wonderful prize package of my favorite yarn!!Peaches&Cream I also recieved the title of Princess Knitsalot!

What a prize this was and I was so thrilled with their generosity. There is an assortment of all the Pisgah yarn products which isn't just Peaches& Creme. I will be posting some of the projects I do with this wonderful yarn!!

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Shirl said...

Darling Kim
What a lucky fish, all those wonderful prizes, you deserve every single one. I love your knitting, keep up the excellent work.
Hugs and blessings