Monday, February 14, 2011

MY Love of Yarn!

Well in honor of Valentines day I thought I post some of the things I love beside my family. I also remembered I hadn't posted my pictures of the yarn I got when I was in Germany. Here is the Bravo from Germany. My son also sent me a few more skeins for my Birthday. The Scarf is one I started for my daughter while I flying home for 9 hrs. I finished a hat while I was there but she has already run off with it. LOL
The cones are my precious Peaches & Creme that will be no more as of February 25. Pisgah Yarn was bought by Spinrite which is a Canadian company that owns Sugar & Cream. I am so bummed about it and have placed my final orders this week.WAAAA!
The last picture is some Redheart Eco yarn that I won in a contest last year and also some Moon & Stars baby yarn. OH yes I have lots more but it would takes days to post it. Also have about 20 cones of Peaches & Creme coming soon. YAY!!