Friday, September 5, 2008

AUGUST Came & Went!

Wow!! Where did August go? I usually try to post at least once a month and shame on me, no post in August. Well I have been knitting lots of things and have finished quite a few too. Of course I've started more projects than I've finished. My list of things to do is getting longer too. Well I better get busy putting some posts together on this here blog, before you all get bored and don't come back. LOL Ok here goes!
First of all I want to put a picture of the beautiful scarf I'm doing.

I started this scarf in Old Fort, NC at the first knitting ,crocheting and weaving workshops by Pisgah Yarns. It was amazing and so much fun! I met lots of people that I have been chatting with on Ravelry and it was so cool!!I will post some more photos and more info at a later date. This scarf was designed by
Maile Mauch and one of many she has designed. You can get them at Pisgah Yarn & Dyeing Company. The Cable one I'm doing is done in Rayon Super Petalspun and it is so soft!! I love the the color which is Teak. I will put a progress bar up so you kept track of it and make sure I'm not slacking.
Here's the Reptile set from the Crochet class with Brian.
I did the turtle while in NC and did the cloth and back-scrubber when I got home. Gave it to my grandson Braden and he loves it


Shirl said...

Wow Kim
I am so impressed with your knitting, its gorgeous.
Hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

Oh great work, but, those cables are WONDERFUL!