Thursday, September 24, 2009

WOW! What a Summer

I have had such a busy summer and will be posting till Christmas to get all caught up! First I have been painting and fixing up our house... So sick of beige walls we've had for almost 5 yrs. We also had concrete patio poured and a gazebo to put over it. (Patio done by my hubby). The Highland Co. Fair first of Sept. and I entered my knitting and crocheting for the first time. The same week my son and his wife Marie were here for her first visit to OH. First time we met her & we stayed busy that week and then My Step-daughter and I just got back from Myrtle Beach!

Soooo I better start posting some pics. First here is the spare bedroom that I redecorated. This is the room that used to be my dad's for the short few months he was living with us. I haven't had the heart to change it since he passed in Feb. 2007. So this was a healing process for me also and I love my new beach themed spare room. In fact I sleep there when my husband is out of town...which has been most of the summer.

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Briley said...

The room looks great!