Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blanket from Ballband Dishcloths you say?

Last year I was in a contest in the Ravelry Peaches & Creme group to see who could do the most ballband dishcloths. Well there were many who got over a hundred done and a lot more than I did. I think I did 45 and decided to make a blanket with mine. Here is the stack of ballband cloths I did and them laid out before I decided how to join them.

I decided to join them with Ballband stitch design... then decided on the black and white so all the other colors would pop. I think I counted 17 solid colors and 20 variegated colors in the blanket.. That is counting the black and white.

This is the final blanket..It is on a queen bed yo show it spread out, but was made for a twin bed. I then entered it in the Highland County OH fair and won 2nd place in the Large Knitted Afghan category.


Joan said...

That's beautiful. How did you pick up the sts on the two kind of funky sides?

Briley said...

It looks amazing all spread out on the bed like that!

Kims Kreations said...

Joan if you go to this link
It will explain the way I did the finished edges and has like a chain down each side which makes it easy to pick up stitches to join them in the way I did. Thanks!