Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Year Went Fast

Well 2010 sure went fast! I hope to keep my Blog updated each month this year..LOL I think I said that last year. We had a great Christmas and I did many cloths but to many to post. I will post a couple of the ones that I do on a regular basis. I'm hoping to get my Scrubbie Crochet pattern typed up and posted to my blog. I have had a lot of request for it on Ravelry. Well here are the cloth patterns I do for family & friends. The one is from the 3 Easy dishcloths on Ravelry. The other is called Easy Dishcloth from Bernat & I think you have to sign up for free membership to get it.

Here is the Easy dishcloth

The Other is called Garter Ridges. They both are very quick to knit up and I of course always use my beloved American made Peaches & Creme! Oh and I finally figured out how to make my dishcloth bands on the printer. I am pleased how they turned out :)

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