Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Organizing

Yes Chris I do need to update my blog! It has been too long, but I made it before the month is up. Well I have finally gotten my yarn closet organized and marked so I can find my yarn with out digging all day. That gives me more time to knit and crochet. Then it's up to the sewing room to get it in shape and get the dust off that sewing machine! Here is my closet and yes it is mostly full of Peaches and Creme cotton and lots of their other yarn!
These are the bins that are on wheels and slide to the side of the closet and are easy to roll out.

These are my cones of 930 cotton..but I haven't got all 130 colors yet. The basket on the bottom of the black shelves are scarf kits and the one on the bottom of white shelf is skeins of 930 cotton. The top of the closet has some Double Worsted 980 and some other yarns like my sock yarn and Bernat. I have baskets of my Knitpicks yarn and some of the novelty yarn from Julia's Crafts that sit on top of the rolling carts. It is so much easier this way and I can always change it.


Briley said...

Looks good Kim. I reorganized my stash recently. I bought some of those plastic 3 drawer things, and lined the bottom of my closet with drawers. The yarn still didn't all fit, though. I'd better get to work to use up the rest!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look of your blog -- but hate it you are so organized!!!!