Thursday, January 1, 2009

Way to Go Shawl & Mirror Lake Scarf

Joined another great group on Ravelry! it is the Lisa's Designs Group(Lisa Gentry) and is such a great place to learn and have fun doing it. Lisa has some amazing patterns and wished I had time to do them all. I did some of her angels for nice little gifts for friends. I did get my Way to Go Shawl finished and it turn out wonderful!! I did it with Rayon Super Petalspun from Peaches and Creme . The peach color was so nice and very soft and easy to crochet with. Here are a few pictures of my progress. And I will try to get a picture badge posted to side of my blog.
The Mirror Lake Scarf was another fun pattern. It was made of 8 motifs and then stitched together for the scarf. I made this for my niece that just loves green. It was done with Peaches and Creme Cabled cotton in Lime green. I love how the cabled cotton holds it's shape and very nice to crochet with as well.


Briley said...

Nice work! They're both beautiful.

Heather_dw said...

That looks great!
I need to re-teach myself crochet. I used to be able to do it. I made baby blankets and all kinds of things and now all I remember are just a few stitches. I only own one crochet hook even, how sad!

Anonymous said...

Hello lady..
Just noted your blog here.. thank you for the nice comments on the Lisa's design group.. We enjoy having you as a fun member.. And you know I love your shawl great color and the scarf is lovely also..
hugs to ya lady
aka Darlene

Mary said...

this scarf is absolutely beautiful!! Great work! I wish I was that talented!!

from meekmary

vegasangelbrat said...

Sorry I'm late, but better then
I do love your Shawl and I'm surprised I didn't see the scarf before..its beautiful!! I haven't gotten to doing that one yet, but plan to!
Huggers, Mary B

Anonymous said...

Do you know how much I love this scarf? Can I borrow it for St. Patrick's Day?

Chris C - Ringwood, NJ said...

You really...really need to update your blog...LOL!!

: )

Dorothy N said...

I am in the midst of making this scarf. Could you tell me exactly what "sc around ch-5 sp 1 round below and ch - 5 sp 2 rounds below" means? Do i do that in the space or actually in each stitch below? If you can help me that would be great. Carmel Nagle.

Dorothy N said...

Sorry meant that last comment as a new comment, not a reply