Monday, March 4, 2013

Have found a great site for earning gift cards InstaGC. I use it to get Amazon cash but you can earn points to cash in for many other stores like Walmart, Best Buy and can even just have then issue a check. It consist of many ways to earn points..Surveys, videos, downloads & other ways. I have earned $178.00 since Dec 28 2012 and bought me a Kindle from Amazon with the cash I earned.. I also use the Amazon cash to buy my doggies flea meds..So I get free flea meds :) TRY it out and I get some credit. Just click the Insta link above in post. Oh and will be posting some baby hats I just finished & 2 baby blankets I'm working on.

Friday, February 8, 2013

WOW! I have been very very bad. I haven't posted to my Blog in a year!! I must say I miss it but I have had a busy life this past year. I do continue my knitting & crocheting, but have been doing a lot more sewing. I have even recently started an Etsy store. It is doing OK but hope it picks up now that I have more time to make some more fun things. So far I have tea wallets, phone pocket charging stations, coin purses, and Ruffled purses. Here is one of the Ruffled purses that I sold. They are fun to make and have had a lot of compliments. They are lined in cotton fabric & have pockets on the inside & outside with a zipper closure. The back of this one has a pocket with velcro closure.
This bottom photo is the fabric I am doing my next purse in.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to make some more monkey hats! I just love this pattern & so do my grand kids! The hardest part is sewing on the ears & mouth :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

This is my darling Grand-daughter at 18 months old & I haven't seen her in over a year. She lives in Germany where my son & daughter in law are stationed in the USAF.
In her Monkey hat that Nanna made her!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Easter Table

Thought I would post a quick picture of my Easter Table this year. Place mats I quilted and some fun Easter Eggs I knit. I know it has been months since posted but life sure has been busy around here. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

MY Love of Yarn!

Well in honor of Valentines day I thought I post some of the things I love beside my family. I also remembered I hadn't posted my pictures of the yarn I got when I was in Germany. Here is the Bravo from Germany. My son also sent me a few more skeins for my Birthday. The Scarf is one I started for my daughter while I flying home for 9 hrs. I finished a hat while I was there but she has already run off with it. LOL
The cones are my precious Peaches & Creme that will be no more as of February 25. Pisgah Yarn was bought by Spinrite which is a Canadian company that owns Sugar & Cream. I am so bummed about it and have placed my final orders this week.WAAAA!
The last picture is some Redheart Eco yarn that I won in a contest last year and also some Moon & Stars baby yarn. OH yes I have lots more but it would takes days to post it. Also have about 20 cones of Peaches & Creme coming soon. YAY!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Year Went Fast

Well 2010 sure went fast! I hope to keep my Blog updated each month this year..LOL I think I said that last year. We had a great Christmas and I did many cloths but to many to post. I will post a couple of the ones that I do on a regular basis. I'm hoping to get my Scrubbie Crochet pattern typed up and posted to my blog. I have had a lot of request for it on Ravelry. Well here are the cloth patterns I do for family & friends. The one is from the 3 Easy dishcloths on Ravelry. The other is called Easy Dishcloth from Bernat & I think you have to sign up for free membership to get it.

Here is the Easy dishcloth

The Other is called Garter Ridges. They both are very quick to knit up and I of course always use my beloved American made Peaches & Creme! Oh and I finally figured out how to make my dishcloth bands on the printer. I am pleased how they turned out :)